82.000 Kr.

Norton Commando 850 MkIII Interstate

Type MC
Model Commando 850 MkIII Interstate
Årgang 1976
DK Afgift Ja
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TÜV NEW without defects and inspection in the workshop 2 weeks ago. It was almost sold but the buyer couldn't get the money together. So here's the chance!
The last of the British superbikes. Norton Commando Mk III Interstate.
The Mk 3 was manufactured for the US and European markets and therefore had gearshift on the left and rear brake on the right, which was untypical for Norton. So you don't have to get used to it in this country. It offered an electric starter, a first for Norton. The original was not always up to the cold start of the engine. This one has a 4-brush starter that always gets the engine running.
The cosmetics still have some minor projects to do, but overall it's a very nice motorcycle. The main stand has some rust but it is only superficial and should be painted. Both Manx Silver paint and all chrome parts are in good condition given their age. Otherwise it is an almost 50 year old bike with patina but no significant damage.
Technically, the Commando is completely overhauled and in very good shape. Invoices worth almost 4,000 euros from 2022 are available and can be viewed. All fluids have been used for less than 100 km and are therefore new.
It was kept over the winter in the living room as a chic decoration. Now it is covered outside with a fresh MOT and no defects, waiting for you to pick it up.
Among other things, the following was done or replaced in 2022: tires -Avon AM9- and hoses, new steering head lock, new spark plugs, carburettor main jets and needles, injection rubber bellows, air filter, anti-sump valve, kick starter seal, new starter bearing, various engine seals, new HAGON shock absorbers, new speedometer cable, new clutch cable, new brake lines and much more. A full inspection and adjustment was also carried out. All fluids were changed and the good thing has been driven about 80km since then. The Commando starts easily, runs cleanly and pulls like a steam locomotive.
I myself bought it from a Dane who had the machine in the aircraft hangar (photos available).
The offer includes the two original Norton bench seats (hump seat band and the classic 2 series), the original shock absorbers and four different handlebars. The Tomaselli and Fehling handlebars with number or papers for the TÜV, the original handlebars and a no name. There is also a fairing painted to match in black. The Norton is registered and can be moved a few meters if the weather permits.
If you're looking for a Norton that you don't have to mess around with, this is the right place. Buy, register, sit on it, drive and enjoy. The km given are of course miles.
Since I want to put photovoltaics on the roof of our house, I want to get something suitable for everyday use (the Norton is too good for that) as a two-wheeler to take to work and I don't have space for two machines, I decided to sell it. I have NO money worries whatsoever. You are welcome to negotiate, but within realistic limits. If you are interested, I can forward 3 offers I found (almost identical bikes) across Europe, where the prices are the equivalent of 1200-13200 euros. I can arrange a delivery throughout Germany for 200-250 euros.

All information is given to the best of my knowledge and belief but for an almost 50 year old lady I do not provide any guarantee or warranty. I won't take the good thing back even if it's out of the house because it's a private sale.